Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Your Sketchy Ideas Wanted

The controversy around the Museum District's "wall of shame" continues.

Councilmember Julie Anderson's reasoned op-ed piece in The News Tribune recently set forth some excellent "guiding principles" for moving the public debate forward:
  • The success of the museum is crucial to the City of Tacoma. Any design solution should strive to increase the institution’s visitorship.
  • The volunteers and donors of Save Our Station and Century Park deserve a “date certain” for a design and construction of the park.
  • Pedestrian barriers are not desirable and should be used only when logically linked to public safety or adopted public urban design goals.
Today blogger Kevin Freitas has asked readers to participate in a new public process:
  • Download a simple map of the area of the donor wall and Century Park;
  • Sketch your ideas on paper or use something like MS Paint or PowerPoint on your computer;
  • E-mail your sketch and brief description to Kevin.


  1. Great idea for community input and in the same spirit as the Public Places event at at the Plaza which recommended removing the wall and allowig direct access to the Bridge of Glass.

    Let's see what all of the online pros can come up with.

  2. I got some great submissions for this little project.

    View the alt Century Park sketches

    Thanks to everyone who took part!