Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Solving the 'Rubik's Cube'--an Update

Stepped up enforcement (advocated by the Parking Advisory Committee and implemented by the City of Tacoma) has improved access to on street spaces for downtown's customers and clients--as much as 60% of spaces are available at any given time now. That's the good news delivered by Kurtis Kingsolver, the City's chief parking enforcement officer, to members of the Tacoma City Council's Economic Development Committee yesterday afternoon.

But before the City pats itself on the back, Kingsolver warned, it needs to get some heavy lifting done. The onset of inclement weather and chain parker's tendency to test limits will likely begin to erode the progress made without continued efforts to develop a permit system and complete a new "moving to evade" ordinance, he told Councilmembers. His personnel are working closely with the Chamber's stakeholder group to get these elements into place as soon as possible.

City staff also updated elected officials on progress in renovating Park Plaza South garage and a new parking structure on the Thea Foss Waterway. More on these projects in a future post...

Committee members Bill Evans, Connie Ladenburg, Spiro Manthou, Rick Talbert have dealt with so many issues related to parking that Talbert has made the tongue-in-cheek suggestion to "rename this the Parking Committee," but the elected officials' hard work--and continued openness to stakeholder input--will pay off in a better system.

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  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    No. It won't. There will never, ever be enough parking.